Preparing for the World Sprint Championships!

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Lori brings home 3 Golds and 2 Silvers!

The World Master’s Games in Auckland, NZ

Lori recently returned from her trip to New Zealand, where she and her teammates had resounding success in the World Master’s Games! They laid claim to three Gold Medals and two Silver through great effort and immense teamwork!

For more information about the event, see their site at www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz

  • 3 Gold Medals
    • V12 Master’s 50+ 500 meter
    • V6 Masters 50+ 500 meter
    • V6 Master’s 50+ 22 Km
  • 2 Silver Medals
    • V12 Master’s 40+ 500 meter
    • V6 Masters 50+ 1000 meter


oregon wellness coach

Wellness Coaching

Learn how to transform your mind and body to experience wellness!

oregon mental toughness training

Mental Toughness Training

Learn how to control your mind and enhance your athletic performance!

oregon paddle training coach

Paddle Training

Receive paddle training from a world champion outrigger canoe sprinter!

Portland Paddle Training

portland paddle training

Dragon boat paddlers, kayakers, canoeists, and rafters all require core strength, upper body endurance, coordination and flexibility. Paddling sports do require less leg strength than rowing but it is important to have overall fitness in order to maximize performance. If you have the desire to compete or just explore, the world of paddling opens up access to beaches, islands, glacier termini, bays, and high walled valleys. For paddlers seeking a more competitive edge, one must pursue functional fitness training and develop the required core and upper body strength conditioned required by paddling.

Portland Mental Toughness Training

Mental toughness is defined as an individual’s ability to see a course of action to its end regardless of perceived challenges, difficulties or consequences. Mental toughness training harnesses the innate qualities within an individual having to do with focus, determination and will-power. You can train mental toughness and much of it has to do with reframing and removing limiting beliefs or perceived anxieties about what might happen if an athlete pushes to hard to reach a specific outcome. Mental toughness training creates a new identity and belief system for the athlete that empowers one to push harder and set loftier goals.

portland mental toughness training

Portland Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching emerged from the fields of humanistic psychology and life coaching with the goal of enhancing an individual’s quality of life personally and professionally. The focus within wellness coaching addresses a variety of topics such as: stress management, diet and nutrition, exercise and functional movement, supplementation, and other factors affecting overall emotional and physical well being. A wellness coach provides a framework for a client to set and achieve specific wellness related goals and develop the resources necessary to experience optimal health and longevity.
portland wellness coaching

Wellness Coaching for Children

wellness coaching for children

I Am A Super Being Book

I Am A Super Being is written in a way that helps a child learn to trust his or her intuition. Throughout the story a child will enhance self esteem while learning about the brain in this adventure story for children. In terms of wellness coaching for children, the younger a child is when he or she learns to manage stress effectively and understand the differences in nutritional options, the more likely the child is to develop healthy long term habits. I Am A Super Being is a fun way to inspire a child to think creatively and become aware of one’s own internal guidance.

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Wellness Coach • Mental Toughness Training • Paddle Training

Wellness Coach • Mental Toughness Training • Paddle Training

I Do Whatever it Takes!

I’m a trainer, an athlete, and a coach.  I’ve done it myself – I’ve trained my body and my mind.  And, I am here to help you. I’m here to give you whatever it takes to get you to the next level.

You have a goal.  We’ll make a plan.  We’ll work out and train your body.  We’ll train your mind.  We’ll do whatever it takes to move you to the next level.

What are you waiting for…? Contact me right now and let’s discover if I am the right coach and trainer for you! If you haven’t decided ‘yes’ then keep reading…

Health Coaching and Wellness Coaching

My specific approach to wellness coaching is designed to start you off in a manageable approach that you can pursue for the rest of your life. My goal is not to push you beyond your limits, but rather to build a foundation for you that involves a comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, stress management techniques, mental techniques, functional movement, and fitness training strategies that you can use in your daily life. Health and wellness coaching serves to fulfill a single goal: to optimize longevity.

As a wellness coach, My responsibility is to ensure that you have the information, resources, and experiences necessary for you to transform your life and begin living in a way that is consistent with your big picture goals. As a wellness coaching client, I ask that you remain willing and open to change. There is an old expression that you have probably heard: “Rome was not built in a day…” what you desire to achieve will take time and I encourage you to set yourself up from the very beginning allowing for enough time for the results to arrive. Different people have different goals. For example, the goals a 20-year-old athlete or 30-year-old dragon boat paddler may have are entirely different then the 54-year-old who wants to reduce her weight by 20 pounds. Through my coaching, we can achieve your specific health and wellness related goals. There is a mental component and an action-oriented, physical component that must be followed at all times. I will push you right up to your limits and not beyond. All you need to do is show up for the coaching.

Fitness Training and Personal Training

There are three general categories relating to fitness training and personal training. First, there are individuals who desire to lose weight and develop a moderate level of fitness. Second, there are individuals who are seeking an optimal level of fitness, strength and flexibility. Lastly, there are athletes and peak performers who desire top level conditioning. Across these three categories, there are also individuals who have special needs and some may be recovering from injuries so they need specific programs tailored to them.

As a world-class athlete with a masters degree in physical fitness and various training modalities in both mental health and physical health, I can get you where you want to be. I’ve been a dragon boat racing coach for 10 years, I’m a certified health fitness specialist, an NLP practitioner, a hypnotherapist, an ACSM certified health fitness specialist and a certified Bio Force HRV pro trainer. Believe me, I have the tools to help you get your mind and body right where you want them. We can develop a nutrition plan for you and build a strong basis in functional movement while also tackling the mental and emotional side of stress management, goal achievement, and peak performance.

Paddling Coach and Paddle Training

Kayakers, canoers, and dragon boat racers need paddling coaches and often most paddlers can benefit from enhanced paddle training with a world class athlete. As a paddler, I have gone through various phases of my own paddle training and learning how to paddle correctly create a night and day difference in one’s enjoyment of the paddling sports and also one’s ability to compete. As a 35-and-Older World Champion in Dragon Boat Racing, I know what it’s like to push myself to the very end of my physical, emotional and mental resources. I can help you reach your goals whether it is for fun or for competition.

Mental Toughness Training for Athletes

When it comes to mental toughness, I have the practical experience and the mental toughness techniques and mental toughness training resources necessary to help you break through fears, perceived limitations and create the internal environment necessary for you do experience peace performance. Most people sell themselves short of what they can actually achieve. This is due to faulty, limiting believes and conditioned thinking from their environments. When you understand how to remove those barriers to success and breakthrough to mindset and belief systems necessary for you to achieve what you desire, then you can compete as an athlete at any level. The major difference between most athletes within their specific levels has less to do with physical conditioning and more to do with the mental and emotional resources they have in order to manage stress, distraction, negative self talk, and other factors that limit to their success.