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What Is The Cost of Not Reaching Your Health Goals, Fitness Goals and Sports Goals?

So much focus is placed upon price these days, when instead we should be more concerned about the cost of not experiencing life as we dream it could be…

More About My Services

How I Help My Clients

My goal as your coach and trainer is to empower you to improve your confidence, tap into your inner athlete, enhance your inner strengths, develop your outer strength while coaching you towards the successful completion of your goals and objectives. Each of my clients have unique needs and interests, my goal is to ensure that they have the best care, insights, information, and resources necessary to be successful in their achievements. I have helped numerous clients reduce their weight, pursue healthy eating habits, better understand nutrition, develop strengths that they did not believe or possible, and I have guided many to success within paddling sports. I have been fortunate enough to work with people in the Portland Metro area and even people around the world who want coaching for mental toughness and insights into paddling sports techniques.

Paddle Training

For me, paddle training is one of my primary professional focuses and a sport in which I have personally excelled. Paddling sports take a variety of forms, the most commonly known as canoeing, outrigger canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and dragon boat racing. Specific techniques are used in each form of paddling but all rely upon functional movement training and demand a high level of fitness in competitive paddling. Some competitive paddlers need training in endurance, others need paddle training techniques, and beginning paddlers need comprehensive training for their specific paddling sport. My coaching and training for paddlers can help you bring your performance to the next level. Learn more about paddle training.

Mental Toughness Training

Mental toughness is what separates the champions from the losers. An athlete’s ability to push beyond perceived limitations both in practice and in competition is what distinguishes those with the medals from those without… Victory begins in the mind of the athlete. Regardless of the sport, there are effective ways to practice, prepare, recover from setbacks and injuries, train with intensity, and keep one’s focus on the bigger picture and long-term goals. The average individual, and whether he or she is an athlete or not, is largely unaware of his or her internal processes, decision-making factors, motivations, values, and fears and anxieties on a conscious level. Unconsciously though, these factors are what prevent many from the athletic success they are truly capable of and when state management techniques, motivation techniques, and mental toughness techniques are taught to athletes it often dramatically changes the way they perform. Learn more about mental toughness training.

Individual Training, Small Group Training, and Team Training

I offer the following training opportunities for individuals, small groups, and teams: Mental Toughness Training, Sports Performance Training, Fitness Training. The classes I offer are: Paddling Sports Performance Training (on and off water coaching), Team Coherence Training, Fitness Testing and Assessments, and Nutrition classes. Other training opportunities are available within the areas of my expertise: paddle training, dragon boat racing, personal fitness, peak performance, stress management, and wellness. If you have specific needs or inquiries do not hesitate to contact me and we can develop a protocol for training for your group or team.

Fitness Training Services and Personal Training

Every body is unique. What works for one fitness training client may not work for the next. My goal is to create constant state of confusion in your body and allow your body the appropriate amount of time to recover and repair. You are actually quite capable of experiencing tremendous changes within your body within a short period of time. However, I do not want my clients to get caught up in fantasizing about short period of time with dramatic results such as we often see in weight loss infomercials. The healthiest approach is a long-term approach that allows your body to naturally reduce weight and build muscle. What happens with many people who go through cycles of rapid weight loss and then rebounding to their previous weight or greater than their previous weight is it becomes more difficult for them to reduce weight in the future. These yo-yo effects can also wreak havoc on a person’s hormones, blood sugar levels and sometimes if people use fat burning supplements it can cause heart or cardiovascular problems. What we want to be sure of is that you start with the protocol the program that you can used to develop a foundation for health in building this over the long-term so that with consistency you continue to experience greater and greater results.

Mental Toughness Training for Children and Personal Training for Children

There’s a tremendous difference between children who developed confidence in sports and those who do not. By developing an athlete’s confidence at a young age, a child will have opportunities that will open many doors into future possibilities. I work with young children and students in mental toughness training, fitness training, paddle training and personal training. In my experience as the personal trainer for children, I’ve noticed tremendous gains in helping young athletes who have been injured transition from physical therapy or inactivity back to the gym or sporting activities. Likewise breathing techniques and stress management techniques when learned at a young age help to enhance the child’s overall sense of well-being, Disciplined and motivation. It is not unusual for me to hear about my clients who begin to show improvements in the classroom while improving in their specific sports. I’m capable of developing creative workouts for my clients regardless of the availability of equipment and the clients age. For me it is all about helping and supporting the client to accomplish their personal goals and set greater goals towards which we can move.

Big Picture Focus and Goals

I personally have a life commitment to health that is both internal and external. I want my mind, my heart, and my spirit to be completely congruent with what is reflected on the outside by my physical body. As a coach and trainer my goal is to help you reach your goals and the technical side of what I do is to ensure that you optimize your movements for every activity in life and in sports. Through my coaching, I know for a fact that I can help you to react to stress differently. I can coach you and guide you to success and along the way I can tap into your potential and inspire you to achieve even more than once thought possible. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with all of my clients and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Let’s set some goals and reach them!

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