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I Am A Super Being Book

I Am A Super Being is written in a way that helps a child learn to trust his or her intuition. Throughout the story a child will enhance self esteem while learning about the brain in this adventure story for children. In terms of wellness coaching for children, the younger a child is when he or she learns to manage stress effectively and understand the differences in nutritional options, the more likely the child is to develop healthy long term habits. I Am A Super Being is a fun way to inspire a child to think creatively and become aware of one’s own internal guidance.

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Kialoa Paddles

Born on the Island of Oahu in 1991, KIALOA Paddles grew out of Dave Chun’s love for the sport of outrigger canoe racing.   Driven by the desire to build the best paddles in the world, Dave started crafting wood paddles on his parents’ lanai. The Chuns moved the company to Bend, Oregon in 1992, bringing the Aloha spirit with them. Nowadays KIALOA makes a full line of stand up, outrigger and dragon boat paddles.

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BioForce HRV

To optimize your training and wellness contact me about BioForce HRV system. Heart Rate Variability is a great way to keep you on track and train smart!!!!

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